A limited number of Memberships are currently being offered for The Club prior to opening. The initiation fee is $150,000 with dues of $35,000 per year. If you would like to be considered for membership, please complete the application below. 




The Concours Club continues to raise the bar for automotive country clubs. The Paddock Lounge, a unique circuit-side offering, provides members and their guests with world-class amenities and services steps from pit lane. The roof of the lounge extends 360’ down pit lane to create both a large covered paddock to keep member’s vehicles protected from nature's elements and to generate the power to run the Paddock Lounge, including a pair of level 2 electric car chargers. Step off the circuit, enjoy cold towel service while reviewing data with your coach and watching videos of a recent session.


  • Covered and open outdoor dining & lounge spaces
  • State-of-the-art UV sanitizing helmet dryers
  • Multiple entertainment screens
  • Private telemetry room for data review
  • Circuit-side menu by Brad Kilgore 
  • Refreshments & snacks
  • Mobile charging stations throughout 
  • Electric car chargers
  • Conveniently-located restrooms


Designed in partnership with AGT Solar, the new 360'-long solar canopy structure will produce 428,386 KWh annually in renewable energy. With Miami's year-round sunshine, the energy created is the equivalent to one year of:

  • Powering 35 average US homes 
  • Planting 5,008 trees 
  • Charging 38,627,729 smartphones


Designed by award-winning architectural firm, DMAC Architecture, the solar-powered canopy and Paddock Lounge set a new bar in regards to automotive country club amenities. DMAC is also designing the Club’s Concours One Building, Guardhouse and Fuel Station ensuring all facilities are part of an elevated aesthetic to help define a visually cohesive campus and member experience. Click here to learn more about DMAC Architecture.

*Renderings are architectural representations and are subject to change without notice.


Since our last newsletter, the construction team has continued progress of the interior build-outs as well as the exterior façades for Concours One and guardhouse. Drywall is hanging, A/C and lighting are being installed and all of the bays are now clearly defined. The look and feel of the facility is starting to come together.

As detailed in this newsletter's 'Spotlight' column, we chose to upgrade the shade structure adjacent to the north pit lane, switching from fabric to a solar-powered canopy. This solar canopy will provide energy to power the Paddock Lounge as well as the electric car chargers located under the shade.

After analyzing our testing data and obtaining a consensus of opinions from a variety of drivers, we decided to modify the turn 1 configuration. The new configuration promises to be a lot of fun, will help even out tire wear and will better facilitate future member competitions. This work is well underway as shown in the video above. The new turn 1 will be ready in late August.



The Concours Club's Member-only portal is currently being developed and will soon be launched. The first version of the portal will provide Members exclusive access to downloads, media gallery, documents, social media assets and much more. In the future, the portal will provide Members access to their individual data, video streams, coaching notes, images and much more. Stay tuned!


At The Concours Club, the safety and health of our Members and staff is paramount. As a result of COVID-19, we have added policies and procedures to ensure a safe environment. Part of these procedures include access to the Club via Bluetooth connection on Members’ mobile devices, digital annual waivers, state-of-the-art UV sanitizing helmet dryers and more. We are ensuring that our Members will safely enjoy the Club without sacrificing our renowned level of service.



Founding Member, Barry Skolnick's, Ikonick Motors has one of the most impressive and diverse car collections we’ve ever seen. Barry took us on a tour of his extraordinary facility housing more than 100 vehicles. Barry explained where his passion began and how his collection evolved into Ikonick Motors. Barry shared some unique details about his top four most prized vehicles. We can't wait to see these beauties at The Club!



Barry's passion for automobiles began at a young age. Particularly fond of American classics, his first experience with customization started with this boldly-colored 1950 Mercury classic “Lead Sled” Coupe. This head-turner features a full NASCAR suspension and a naturally aspirated 600ci Merlin generating over 700hp mated to a Doug Nash 6 speed transmission. The trunk is home to a matching livered pocket-bike. The custom flames and striking color combo finish this timeless classic making it easy to understand why it’s one of Barry’s most treasured cars.  

One of Barry's newest acquisitions, the Ferrari Monza SP2 has one foot in the past and one foot in the future. As 1 of 500 produced, the Monza blends a modern aesthetic with classic timeless style. The Monza boasts a 6.5 liter 12 cylinder engine producing 810 horsepower. Its advanced technology includes a "Virtual Wind Shield" which is an aerodynamic passage controlling the airflow and deflecting it over the driver’s head creating an aerodynamic envelope around the cockpit.  



Understandably one of Barry’s all-time favorites is his Porsche Carrera GT. One of only two in the Gulf livery, the Carrera GT is one of the last truly analog supercars. Featuring a chassis based on Porsche still-born 1999 Lemans program and a motor originally designed for F1, the 5.7 liter V10 mated to a manual transmission created the pinnacle “driver’s car” and one of the most legendary Porsches ever to emerge from Stuttgart. The prototype-inspired design is really flattered by the classic racing livery.

Barry's multi-award-winning 1972 Pantera GT5-S is one of the finest modified De Tomaso Panteras in the world. A Prototipo one-off blending design from the Si and the GT5-S models, the all-steel bodywork was hand-crafted while the car was painted by the renowned, Eddie Meeks. Meeks used a specially-mixed House of Kolors candy blue with white stripes. The engine is a PI Motorsports, Inc. Hammer built to premium standards with special parts including the dual 4-barrel intake manifold and a unique nitrous system. The car makes 600+ horsepower — prior to the NOS shot!


Forbes Automotive Reporter, Mark Ewing, took some time to speak with Founder of The Concours Club, Neil Gehani and Head of Design and Architecture for Pininfarina of America, Paolo Trevisan, to discuss the partnership with Pininfarina for the Club's new Event Campus. 

“Architecture and interior design are a big part of our day. We loved The Concours Club project because it links everything we do. It is for car lovers. It is in Miami where we have our headquarters for the Americas. It is event architecture where people build memories.”

-Paolo Trevisan

The design of the Event Campus is currently under development, stay tuned for more information.

Earlier in the year, Robb Report Reporter, Eric Adams, spent some time with Founder, Neil Gehani and President, Aaron Weiss, to learn more about the world-class offerings and top-tier technology that continue to raise the bar for automotive country clubs. Adams also spent time with award-winning Culinary Director, Brad Kilgore, at one of his newest restaurants. Kilgore discussed the programming for the menu, which will be invigorating for drivers who are involved in grueling conditions on the circuit, but also satisfying for when they finally hang up their helmets for the day.

"Between laps, drivers will be able to enjoy some of the most lavish and well-thought-out accommodations ever provided at a track. Even the food will be something special."

Brad Fanshaw, Matt D’Andria and Aaron Hagar ZOOM conferenced in for an episode of the Shift and Steer podcast. The team interviewed Aaron Weiss, President of The Concours Club.

The conversation focused on The Concours Club's unprecedented technology, amenities and how The Concours Club team has remained busy amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Concours Club was awarded the 2019 National Asphalt Pavement Association's (NAPA) "Quality in Construction Award!" 

The asphalt was specially engineered for the Miami climate by world-renown pavement expert, AMS, and was manufactured and paved by Ajax Paving Industries, an industry leader in concrete and asphalt manufacturing with a history of delivering high-quality results. 

Every single load of liquid asphalt was tested rigorously at the asphalt plant before production began to ensure it met specification. Throughout the eight-week process of paving The Concours Club's circuit, 25,747 tons of asphalt in 3 lifts were used for the driving surface.


The 2020 Ferrari Challenge season debuted the Challenge 488 Evo and the series is set to resume later this month at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  Compared to its predecessor, the Evo offers 30% more aerodynamic efficiency, improves interaction between the tires, balances the downforce and offers electronic controls. We recently interviewed one of our Founding Members, team owners and professional drivers for their feedback on the new 488 Evo. 

"I had my first opportunity to drive the Evo at the Road Atlanta race weekend in 2020. My immediate impressions are all positive. Compared to the old car, I found the Evo much more well-behaved and predictable to drive. The new aero package provides significant improvements. The car is very stable under braking. It is much more solid in directional changes. The combination of the increased downforce, the steering input and feel through the GT3-style wheel provides a ton of confidence at speed and during transition. The car rotates and turns in much better, holding the line through the apex.

On good tires, the power down on exit feels much more glued down, sticky, or solid. On a track like Road Atlanta with a number of high speed corners and a few heavy brake zones, the car just feels very well placed all the time, developing a great rhythm for quicker and quicker lap times. It just carves up the corners really well. I improved my lap times at Road Atlanta by almost two seconds in the Evo car vs the non-Evo car, earning a spot on the front row for Race 1. Managed to run wire to wire in P2, for a great race day and a rewarding first outing in the new 488 Evo."

-Jay Schreibman, Founding Member

"Ferrari achieved what they’ve been wanting to accomplish with the new Challenge 488 Evo. We have been involved in Ferrari Challenge since the 360 days and this new generation of the 488 did not disappoint. On the technical part, I was  impressed that Ferrari achieved so much with such little visible improvement. What we can see from the outside is basically just different bumpers- but that’s not it. With the new aero package, the upgraded brakes and the new mapping on ABS and Traction control, the drivers are able to brake deeper, carry more speed and exit the corners much faster and with more control than before. This new Evo has definitely made the car easier and more enjoyable to drive for all our drivers; plus it makes our work easier when it comes to set up on the car."

-Jorge Herrera, Team Owner HP Tech Motorsport

"Ferrari is renowned for its continued development of racecars. Their ability to push existing platforms to new heights was readily apparent in my first lap in the new 488 Challenge Evo. The biggest difference that most of our members will notice, is the stability of the platform under braking. The 488 Challenge was already impressive on the binders but the re-mapped ABS software makes the EVO car feel much more stable at the limits of deceleration. This perceived stability is a key element in building driver confidence which is a critical component for success in the Challenge series. Furthermore, the addition of more downforce, particularly on the nose, helped to eliminate some of the inherent understeer that my drivers were struggling to overcome. Overall the 488 Challenge EVO is a huge step forward in both performance and drivability."

-Jon Branam, Chief Driving Instructor

Images taken by Walker Dalton


When is the grand opening of The Concours Club?

The Club's grand opening was scheduled for this summer. However, due to COVID-19, for the safety of our members and staff, we have elected to postpone opening and avoid choosing an exact opening date until we have more clarity. Construction currently continues at the project and we are carefully monitoring the situation. We will continue to update our Membership as the situation develops.  

What facilities will be available upon opening?

Upon opening, the Club will include the approximately 2-mile-long driving circuit and 28,000+ square feet of facilities including Guardhouse, Concours One building and Fuel Station. We will also launch with the first-of-its-kind circuit-side Paddock Lounge.

The Concours One building will host the Member’s Lounge, Restaurant and Bar, Tuning Shops operated by HP Tech Motorsport, Maintenance Facility, Automotive Storage and Automotive Detailing.

When will real estate offerings be available?

The development of these offerings is in progress and should be announced later this year. The Founding Members will have first priority on real estate per their Founding Member benefits.

What will the real estate offerings be?

The Club will offer a wide range of options to our members including storage and garages, which can be customized. These will range in size from 2,000 square feet to more than 8,000 square feet.

How many memberships are still available?

A limited number of memberships are currently being offered for The Club. The initiation fee is $150,000 with dues of $35,000 per year. If you would like to be considered for membership, please complete the application by visiting

Will there be car storage available upon opening?

The Founding Members will have access to car storage when the Club opens, with multiple real estate offerings coming online shortly after opening.


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